Fort Toulouse - Fort Jackson State Historic Site is proud to be the home of living history groups that portray the people and events associated with the historic communities in the area of present day central Alabama. The diverse peoples that occupied the area provide the living history participants an interesting cast of characters to portray. Included among the inhabitants are the local natives, those associated with the colonial experience, and the soldiers and settlers of the early nineteenth century.

Goals of the site and the Alabama Historical Commission are the preservation of the historic and natural resources that have been entrusted to us, the researching of the life ways of the people who created our history, and the presentation of educational and entertaining programs. The living history participants associated with the park are key parts of our programming. Each of the past living history participants left a legacy that strengthened our organization. Each of our current participants continues this tradition of excellence and commitment and any future participants will hopefully continue this rich tradition.

Living history groups at the site are divided into two sections, the French Colonial era and the War of 1812/Creek War era. Within each group there are subdivisions or soldiers, civilians, Native Americans, and other supporting characters.

Fort Toulouse - 1750s French Colonial Living History

La Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort Toulouse is a living history organization dedicated to researching, recreating, and reenacting the everyday life of the French Marines, their families, and the Native allies.



Fort Jackson - War of 1812 Living History

The group is dedicated to the recreation of the life of the militia soldier at garrison in 1814. They regularly participate in many events, including those at Horseshoe Bend, and Chalmette National Battlefield, New Orleans.